Best Black Men Beard Styles

Black men have no limit to the number of different beard styles they can try. However, there’s no doubt that some cuts suit black guys better than others. In this article, we’ll be sharing the most popular black men beard styles that will never get old, thanks to their effective use of skin color to create a unique, manly, and classy look.

Check out the best beard styles for black men to get ideas and inspiration to grow out your facial hair!

Full Beards

First and foremost in our list of black beard styles is the full beard. This classic style offers all the macho of a beard with little maintenance. By keeping hairs long and well brushed, this style also creates an instant air of wisdom and confidence suitable for any social context.

For a full beard, allow your beard to grow to at least one inch long in all locations, trimming it to fit the natural curves of your jawline. Sideburns and mustache are optional for this style.

Black Men Beard Styles

Best Beards For Black Men

Short Beards

Just like the full beard, the short beard encourages your beard to grow out wherever possible. The only difference lies in the length of the hairs: a short beard will typically be a half inch or shorter in all locations. This style exudes the same masculinity as the full beard, without necessarily creating the appearance of extra age – excellent for young black guys.

For a short beard, let your beard grow out wherever it wants to, just limiting the length to less than half an inch with regular trimming.

Black Men Beards

Goatee Styles

Popular among men of all races and ethnicities, the goatee is a traditionally youthful beard style which draws attention to the jawline and cheekbones. If those are features you’re proud of and willing to show off, the black man goatee would be a great choice for you.

For a goatee, grow your beard on only the end of your chin. It’s up to you how long to grow it and whether or not to connect it with a mustache.

Disconnected Circle Beard For Black Men

Mustache Styles

Looking for more black facial hair styles? The mustache is yet another popular style in which a man’s mustache is grown thick or thin to complement a clean-shaven face or small beard. Thin, this modern style shows off youth and open-mindedness; thick, this traditional approach adds macho for those who prefer to avoid a heavy beard.

For this style, shave most, if not all, of your facial hair clean, allowing only for a small mustache to grow between your nose and mouth. Leave the hairs longer for a thicker look or shorter for a thinner look.

Mustache Styles For Black Men

Van Dyke Beard

For the “Van Dyke” beard, your cheeks are left clean-shaven while you wear a pointy mustache and small goatee. With many variations, this particular cut offers all the best traits of a beard and mustache, all the while with utter elegance. This is facial hair for black guys done right.

To get this beard style, be sure to leave your cheeks well-shaven. Grow a traditional goatee on your chin with a thick, pointy mustache above. Allowing the hair just below your lips to grow is optional.

Black Men Goatee Beard Style

Stubble Beard

Our last black beard style is the stubble. Letting only a stubble form on your beard and across your facial hair is an easy and low maintenance way to get the added facial interest and masculinity of a beard, even if you normally struggle to grow one.

For this style, start with a light shave every week or two. This will only ever allow a stubble to form and will make shaving quick and easy. If you wish to do so, you can always completely shave off particularly unwanted regions of facial hair.

Best Stubble Beard For Black Men

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