Circle Beard Styles

The circle beard is one of the most common beard styles for men. As a happy medium between facial hair and a clean shaven look, circle beards are stylish and neat. More specifically, the circle beard focuses on facial hair around the mouth, with a goatee connecting to a mustache. The best part is that, whether you want a short or long circle beard, the style is relatively easy to grow, trim and shape.

Best Circle Beard Styles

If you’re curious about different circle beard styles but aren’t sure if this type of facial hair is right for you, check out the examples below for ideas! From a full chin goatee and mustache combination to a circle beard made of stubble, our gallery will give you the best circle beard designs to try in 2019!

Circle Beard

Circle Beard Styles

Thick Circle Beard

Circle Goatee

Circle Mustache

Long Circle Beard

Best Circle Beards

Full Circle Beard

Cool Circle Beard

Top Circle Beard Styles

Hot Circle Beard

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