Leonardo DiCaprio Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio’s beard may be one of the most popular facial hair styles in Hollywood. Manly yet classy, DiCaprio’s full beard inspires men to grow thick beards for that rugged look. Moreover, the star actor is also known to style a cool goatee and mustache at times, demonstrating the range of beard styles he can grow!¬†Given the quality of Leo’s facial hair, we’re sure any guy would be lucky to have one like him!

Here are the best Leonardo DiCaprio beard styles to grow, groom and style this year!

Best Leonardo DiCaprio Beard Styles

To help you choose the best Leonardo DiCaprio beard styles to copy, we’ve compiled a collection of his coolest short and long facial hair. Check out these awesome pictures of Leo with a beard to figure out how to get and trim his style!

Leonardo DiCaprio Beard

Full Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio Full Beard


Leonardo DiCaprio Goatee

Beard with Comb Over

Leonardo DiCaprio Beard with Comb Over

Thick Beard with Long Hair

DiCaprio Thick Beard with Long Hair

Leonardo DiCaprio Thick Goatee Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio Beard Styles